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Pillow with sour cherry pit filling

Antibacterial, Anti allergic

Indications: abdominal pain, earache, backache, can be used as a cooling bandage or wrap

Instructions for use: place the pillow in the microwave or oven for a minute then place it on the required part of your body, it will keep the heat for 25 minutes.

Should you need a cooling wrap or bandage, put it in the freezer for 25 minutes, and then place it on your body.

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Polystyrene Balls

Many of our pillows have been filled with polystyrene balls. Polystyrene balls are tiny polymer molecules that have been infused with air to increase their size. Once they have been infused with air, the balls can be joined together to form larger beads, or molded into products ranging from foam building insulation to food packaging.

One of the primary advantages to polystyrene balls is that they are incredibly lightweight. Despite their air-infused nature, they are also very strong and durable.

The polystyrene balls are also antibacterial, anti-allergic and they are good heat insulators. Our pillows filled with polystyrene balls can be used as pillows or just as a cuddly toy from birth onwards. You can even wash them on 30 degrees Celcius, and iron when wet or dry.



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